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 “Wow is all I can say about this florist. I told them exactly what I wanted for my out of state wedding and they exceeded my expectations. Every detail was perfect and the customer service is over the top. Glenda and her team go above and beyond to fulfill your vision and make your dreams come true. I highly recommend this florist. And the shop is so cute too. So many neat things to pick for those last minute gifts."   
Michelle C. - November 6,2018
 “I live out of town from Mrs. Glenda, so we did a lot of communicating via emails and texts messages. About a month before my wedding I went to her shop and went through all my details. She had everything and I mean EVERYTHING EXACTLY how I imagined!! My bouquet and my bridesmaids bouquets were hands down my favorite thing about my wedding!!! Would HIGHLY recommend Mrs. Glenda. Not only is she amazing at her job but she is kind and caring!! Thank you Mrs. Glenda for making all my flower dreams come true!!"   
Morgen Snider Hillman - September 23, 2018
"Thank you so much, Glenda. We appreciate your taking the time to call us personally to let us know that you would have to substitute plants. Thanks again."
Pam Esteven



"I was so relieved when I walked in the funeral home to find the flowers already there at 9:00. It was such a last minute purchase that I was afraid you might not even be able to get them there before 11:00. It meant the world to me that the flowers made it there in time for the entire visitation period. Thank you so much!"

 Stephanie Sanders


..."BEAUTIFUL" ...






"How could I ever forget that "Sweet Olive" scent walking into your florist. Your services were the best! Made every occasion special:) will be visiting in your area soon. Taking off a day just to go shopping around to a few of my favorite places. Will have to stop by!"

Janet Dominguez
Ponchatoula, LA


"Tears of joy are flowing! Beautiful job! Thanks to all who hand a hand in preparing it! Love you guys! It just takes my breath away! I’m more than pleased and I know the family will be too! Thanks again, for a beautiful job!"

Barbara Ellison



"Those look beautiful! It makes me happy. I love that you do this for me Glenda."






Thank you for delivering the flowers.  So happy you can take care of that for us.  It means a lot."



"Hi Glenda,
I just found your picture of that absolutely perfect-for-Larry's memorial basket arrangement of roses. They are truly beautiful and I thank you for helping me choose."



"Thank you so much for your work and your time in arranging something beautiful for Candy Cogan and her family.
We really appreciate it!
Mary Blair

"Glenda, this floral arrangement is simply beautiful and elegant. I am so pleased with it. Thank you for your efforts. I am sure her Mother Vena, her twin sister Bonnie, and the Knox family will be pleased as well." Kelly Nelson
Good Morning,

Thank you for delivering the beautiful arrangement and sending the photo for me to enjoy.

Donita Harris

Wonderful job....thanks so much. Paulette Waller Nettles


"It is very beautiful. I think the family will be pleased. Thank you again. A. Vance!"


"The arrangement looks beautiful.  Thank you very Much!"

Donna Robinson


"Beautiful.  Thank you very Much."

Ms. Merle Hebert


"Thank you- We are very pleased -this is lovely."

Libby Idom


"A very big THANK YOU from the Werner Road Team for sending us a picture of the beautiful arrangement that was made for our wonderful friend Herb. The arrangement is perfect and the colors are just what we wanted. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me when I called on Friday."

"Thank you & have a Sunshine Day!!"
Kenny & Heather Wogomon


"I would like to share a story with you about the love a granddaughter has for her grandmother. About two months ago we received a call from Beth Dale of Spring, TX. She is from our area and her grandmother, Shirley Denham lives in Greensburg, LA. She told us that her grandmother was not doing well and asked if she could place a standing order to have fresh flowers delivered to her grandmother about every 10 days. She said that she loved flowers and wanted her to always have a fresh arrangement to admire. We gladly obliged and the arrangement shown is one of many we have already delivered and hope to have many more. Each time we email Beth a picture of the arrangement sent so that she can keep a history of the love she has shown her grandmother. In our 10 years of business we have not had the opportunity of this magnitude to link two individuals together. May God Bless her and her grandmother."

Dalton & Glenda McMillan
Glenda's Flowers & Gifts


"I love the arrangement! Thank you very much. I forgot to tell you my aunt name is spelled Hellen."

Sherry Sodergren


"Glenda ,They are lovely. Thank you so much!"

Michelle Shermon


"Glenda ,Thank You so much for helping make my granddaughter's Birthday so special. She was surprise to get her pretty flowers and her bright Happy Birthday Balloon.You are so sweet, God Bless You All !!!"

-Darlene Wascom


 "They are drop dead beautiful.I no longer do business with the others.I know your good people..Thank you..I hope it puts a smile on her face .If you will inform me when they are delivered.I have a song to send to her email that goes with the roses.THANK YOU SO MUCH"

 Michael Bracy


"Dear Glenda,

Thanks, Glenda. Those look beautiful.

Margaret Creel .


"Warm wishes,

I am participating in a 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge and Glenda's is on my list. I am grateful to you, your staff and your family for providing a valuable service to those of us who have moved away. It is so good to know that i can pick up the phone, place an order and have it delivered the same day or pick it up if I am in town and not have a drive to McComb or Hammond. Thank you for your part in keeping our little town alive. You are appreciated. My mom raved over the pictures of the arrangement Janet made for the cemetery when I was there. Keep up the good work."

Warm wishes,

-Renee Fox



"Thank you, Glenda. I was in Kentwood last week and went to the cemetery. The flowers looked great to me and they were sitting nice and straight in the vase.
Whenever they need sprucing up, just let me know. It's wonderful for me to have you there and I appreciate it."



"Hey Glenda-
The flowers you did for the service this morning were beautiful... Just what I wanted. For me to order, receive an emailed photo of the stand, and then for you to add something at my request... All within a few hours! Thank you so very much for providing awesome customer service :)"

"Take care!"
Amanda Love Pittman


"Hey Glenda-
She was very pleased, and I have no idea why she did not know who sent them since we attached a card! To me she has never had anything but very complimentary things to say about your shop, and this time when I asked her if she liked the arrangement she said "Oh yes, they always do a good job."
I appreciate you checking to see if all went well. That kind of professionalism, integrity and attention to customer satisfaction is one of the many reasons it is always such a pleasure to do business with y'all."

"Take care!"


"Thank you SO much! The flowers are beautiful. It's far more than I expected for such short notice. Thanks again!"



"Liz.... I am SOOOOOO pleased with the basket arrangement. You did a great job! The flowers fit my personality and look just like something from ME. Thank you again!"



"Thank you so much for your prompt attention and service. The plant is beautiful! I know Carol will love it!"



"Thank you so much for your kind and prompt service."

Dena K. Monson


"Glenda: Thank you for the beautiful flower arrangement. My brother sent me a photo of the flowers. They are lovely. Thanks again. We greatly appreciate it.



"You’re welcome. I’ve been a Facebook fan for quite a while…… since I found out you deliver to Greensburg…..and have visited your website many times. Good job on keeping both fresh and interesting."

Belinda Sanchez,
Baton Rouge, LA


"Thank you so much for this photo……the arrangement is lovely and Mama was thrilled to receive it….she called as soon as it was delivered!!
I appreciate your good service and the fact that you deliver to Greensburg!! Good job!! Expect future calls from me for the next bouquet occasions!"

Belinda Sanchez

" Sorry it has taken me so long to respond, the arrangement looks fantastic. Thank you so much for taking care of this. I hope to get over to Kentwood sometime after the New Year, and intend to come by your shop to meet you. Have a Merry Christmas and thank you again."

Danny Lea.

"Thank you for taking care of the flowers for us. They are beautiful. Emailing a picture is a great idea. Thanks again for all your help."

Janet Reeves




"Thank you so much. May God bless your business as you continue to go the extra mile for those He sends to you.

My daughter said y'all were very nice."


In HIS arms
Joan McMellon



"Please find attached a pic of the plant basket we delivered to the Tate service.
Thank You ... The plant basket looks great!"


Clyde Lee



"If you could email a picture of the spray that would be very nice.
I appreciate your kindness."

Andrea Davis



"Thanks- Mom called yesterday so excited about the pretty flowers. She enjoyed the visit w/ lady that delivered . Thank God she is doing better & hopefully can get out more shortly."

Richelle Latham


"Dear Glenda,

I was thrilled to receive the photo of Aunt Vera with the beautiful flowers. Your act of kindness was an unexpected treasure to us. My father-in-law (Vera's brother, Woodrow) has been very ill and he passed away on Monday evening. He was so exited about her birthday. We printed the photo so that he could view it from his bedside. Also, all family and friends that came for beside vigil loved the photo. It was such a wonderful gift to all of us and we THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Love and blessings,
Veretta Buckhalter and Family"


"Thank you for the pic. The spray was beautiful. E-mailing the pic is a very good idea.

Again thanks for the excellent service."

Billie McMillan Adams


"Mom loved the flowers. Thanks for quick delivery.. Thanks for email bill. Invoice #15735... I sent check ref#11977 today. Check coming via Citibank."

Dan Morris


"Thank you! They all look very nice! I was up there a couple of weeks ago for my aunt's
memorial, Helen Strickland, and It was so nice to see flowers on their graves. I appreciate you doing this for us!



"Thank you, Glenda. Those look very nice."



   " Your kind husband delivered a so sweet vase filled with flowers of Christmas colors and pine needle accents while we were in Kentwood over the holidays. Two of George's secretaries ALWAYS send me flowers for whatever the occasion is and I am always grateful to receive them. This arrangement had a beautiful, low height vase that is dark green on the bottom and blends to a red on top. Lovely.

Thank you again for making me smile."

Susan Faller Hayes


"Dear Glenda, this is Linda S Hurst, Pete Swearingen's niece, I want to thank-you for making our flower situation right. I was surprised and impressed. I've told everyone what you did. You are very professional and I will always do my business with you."


Linda S Hurst



"The flowers look beautiful. Thank you so much."

-Carol Smaxwell-


"Thank you for working with me. Love it!! It helps me when I could not be there to know that I did something special."



" Good God!!!!These are more beautiful than a forty thousand dollar diamond.I have no doubts..Not only will it make her day,this is going to touch her heart in ways...that she will cry..tears of happiness..Happy is what I wish to give her..When you deliver these.....She will indeed be happy.Thank you for doing such an outstanding job with this.I am beyond pleased and no doubt..this will not only make her day..but make her year.Thank you...may God bless you..10,000 ways!!!!"

 Michael Bracy

Kentwood, LA


"Thank you so much. This is beautiful."

Melissa Williams

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" Glenda, it is absolutely beautiful!  Spring has sprung.  Thank you so very much – I love it and I know Gail will, too!!! Bless you! "

Mrs. Velta


"Dear McMillan's: Exceptional Service! Thank you so very much."

Sabrina Edinger

“Glenda’s Flowers was AMAZING! From the very beginning, Mrs. Glenda guided my mother and I with the planning and creating the perfect floral arrangements for my wedding day! She was very interactive throughout the entire planning process, easy to collaborate with, and always tried her best to make my dreams come to reality!! All the flower arrangements for my wedding day were gorgeous and breath taking!! I was blown away! I highly recommend working with and using Glenda’s Flowers for your wedding day! I promise that you will not regret it!!” Hillary Talley Eberhart – June 20, 2018
“Glenda is a sweetheart and made sure that our flowers were perfect for our wedding.” Taylor Menard Homiak – June 12, 2018
“Mrs. Glenda made all my dreams come to life for my wedding day. Exactly what I had imagined she was able to create. My bouquet brought tears to my eyes. She is very familiar with The White Magnolia, so she knows what looks good and what needs to go where. She really takes her time to make sure you get what you want. Not only are her flowers beautiful, Mrs. Glenda is the sweetest! She’s really made this process so enjoyable. After the wedding, my guest was able to take some arrangements home and they loved it!! I’d recommend Mrs. Glenda to anyone!!” Mary Blake Dantin – April 27,2018
“Glenda is not only an amazing florist, as you can see from the pictures, but she is an amazing person. She went above and beyond to make our daughter’s wedding day perfect!!!!” Kearney N Crystal Foster – April 23, 2018
“Mrs. Glenda goes above and beyond with every event! I recommend her and her team to all my brides! The White Magnolia team loves Glenda’s Flowers!!” Callie Bowlin Richardson – April 18, 2018
“Mrs. Glenda is the BEST! She is super easy to work with and her work is amazing!! I sent her pictures of what I liked, and she took over from there!! I highly recommend using her as your florist!” Allie Junkersfeld – April 10, 2018
“Glenda, there are really no words to express my appreciation for you and the part that you played in making Conor and Kristine's wedding so special. Thank you just doesn't seem to be enough. I wish we had known of you sooner, but you graciously stepped in last minute and saved the day for me! As beautiful as your flowers are, you totally outshine them! It was such a special part of my time in Kentwood coming into your shop and talking with you. You calmed my panic and your graciousness touched my heart. You and your husband are special, special people and the folks of Kentwood and the surrounding area are so lucky to have you in their lives! I too am lucky that our paths in life crossed. You have left a lasting impression on me with your talent, your graciousness and the sparkle in your eyes that shines from your heart. May God continue to bless you and yours.” Karen Cloninger – March 30, 2018
“Thank you, Glenda and team, for the amazing work on our wedding flowers!! Our flowers were gorgeous, and it was a pleasure to work with y’all! Thanks so much!” Mieka L. Pierson – March 9, 2018
“Glenda did such an AMAZING job for my wedding!!! Everything was perfect and exactly what I had pictured in my mind!!!!” Carri Jackson – February 14, 2018
“Glenda is the best!!!! My daughter's wedding this weekend was gorgeous because of this talented lady. She goes over and beyond to make sure everything is perfect. I had numerous comments from our guests about the beautiful arrangements. She is so eager to please her customers and took a lot of stress off me!!! I truly appreciate everything she did to make this day special for my daughter!!!!!” Kim Thomas – February 11, 2018
“Mrs. Glenda, her husband, and staff made my dreams come true for our wedding. I couldn't have asked for a better florist to work with. The best part for me was that everything I asked for they made happen and went above and beyond what I ever expected. I'm so thankful and blessed I got to work with this talented staff. I'm so grateful for the friendship I made with Mrs. Glenda. She will forever be in my heart! I would highly recommend them for any event!! XOXOXO” Lauren Bennett Hutchinson – January 12, 2018
“Glenda and Keitha will go above and beyond to make your wedding beautiful... they did an excellent job on my daughter’s wedding!!!! Everything was just beautiful and y’all got lots of compliments!!!!!” Debi Rodriguez Pittman – November 3, 2017
“Mrs. Glenda is so easy to work with and so sweet, my wedding bouquet was beautiful and just what I wanted. Thank you, Mrs. Glenda, for making my day special!” Whitney Holland Braden – November 2, 2017
“Glenda made my dreams come true for my wedding day flowers! My bouquet looked better than the pictures I saved on Pinterest. All the florals came out even more beautiful than I ever anticipated. Communication was so easy with her, and she truly saw my vision for what I wanted for my wedding day. Her florals alone made the venue space look amazing! Sweetest florist and her husband were so nice too! Thank you, Glenda, for everything you did for me! I wouldn't have changed a thing!” Kaitlin Warren – October 30, 2017
“Mrs. Glenda does a phenomenal job!! She is so sweet and helpful, and everything was beautiful!!!” Raegan Fontenot Welborn – October 29, 2017
“Glenda’s flowers did a phenomenal job for my daughter’s wedding!! Mrs. Glenda and her husband as well as her crew are so sweet and accommodating. They went above and beyond for us and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Thank you again Mrs. Glenda!” Bobbie Fontenot – October 29, 2017
“We are so happy with how you handled everything for our daughter’s wedding. Nothing was less than perfect, and you do beautiful work. We could not have been more pleased with your services so thank you very much for helping to make their day as beautiful as it was.” Jennifer Nicks Ma – October 15, 2017
“Mrs. Glenda did an amazing job with the flowers, bouquets, and centerpieces for my wedding in November. They were all absolutely beautiful � Thank you so much for helping make my dream wedding come true.” Morgan Elizabeth Paine – August 30, 2017
“Mrs. Glenda did such an amazing job with my wedding flowers. I just gave her a few ideas off Pinterest and she ran with it. She went above and beyond anything I could've pictured. Thank you again!” Jordan Bordelon Keowen – August 11, 2017
“Glenda's Flowers is the best kept secret in this area!! She is so eager to please and makes sure that everything is perfect. I would recommend her to anyone. She is a genuinely a kind and sweet person and goes above and beyond to get things right. Kameryn and I appreciate your hard work.” Sharon Knecht Kline – August 8, 2017
Professionalism at its very best!! Glenda and her staff did an excellent job for my daughter's wedding!!” Rosilyn Jenkins McKneely – July 28, 2017
“Glenda and her husband were the kindest people to work with! They were not only able to bring my vision to life, but far exceeded my expectations! If you are looking for someone who pays attention to detail, is thorough, and easy to work with, look no further! Highly recommend their work!” Ashley Matherne Babineaux – July 13, 2017
Always does a great job. Flowers hold up well.” Barbara Lewis – January 16, 2017